Rabbit vaccination

RABBITS: We vaccinate against myxomatosis, RHD (rabbit haemorrhagic disease) and rabbits cold.

Myxomatosis: If there is a high rik of infection, vaccination can be begun at the age of 4 weeks with the primary series, with a booster after 4 weeks. For prophylaxis, a single vaccination is sufficient at the age of 6-10 weeks. In both cases the vaccine needs to be revaccinated every 6 months. We recommend vaccination in early spring to ensure that the vaccination will be active in the warm season in which the disease is transmitted by insects.

RHD: If there is a high rik of infection the primary vaccination can be administered as early as at the 4th week of age. In this case, a booster vaccination will be necessary after 4 weeks. For prophylactic immunization a single vaccination is sufficient. The immunity against RHD is then maintained by an annual booster.

Rabbits Cold: For individually housed animals we will administer a 2-time primary series (from the 4th week of life) at an interval of 4 weeks. To secure maintenance of the immunization, the animals will need semi-annual revaccination after this primary vaccination.