We’re working together with experts in order to deliver a broad spectrum of services for you and your pet.

Physiotherapy & Osteopathy

pfotenstarkSebastian Geiger is our guest every Wednesday and offers physiotherapy for your dog or cat. For an appointment please contact Mr Geiger directly, either via his website or via phone (+49 176 9951 3485).

Dog psychology

For behavioral training and raising dogs, we’re collaborating with Ute Bühner of Heideldog. Ms Bühner visits you at home for the surveying the dogs’ environment. Further lectures are given to dogs and their owners on walks. Each Saturday, Ms Bühner organizes a pack walk. She also gives a course called “Dogs and Children” at the Volkshochschule Heidelberg (VHS). For an appointment please contact Ms Bühner directly, either via her website or via phone (+49 171 486 0700).