Wir treat all small animals and pets such as:

Leistungen Tierarzt Heidelberg

Guinea pigs

First we would like to point out the following special services:

  • Accommodation for your small pet in and around Heidelberg
  • De-worming: Dogs, cats, and rabbits should be checked for internal parasites regularly. Please contact us for an appointment to do a fecal checkup.
  • Tick-treatment: In Germany, you should make sure your dog or cat is protected from ticks February through November. Serious illnesses such as lyme disease (borreliosis), anaplasmosis, and bebesiosis can be transmitted by ticks.
  • Pet taxi / transport: Should you be in need for transportation for you and your pet to or from our office, please contact Tierrettung Rhein-Neckar or a local taxi service.
  • Bathing, clipping and grooming: Dogs, long-haired cats and long-haired rabbits can be bathed and clipped at our practice using medical or cosmetic shampoos.
  • Diet counseling for dogs and cats – we have our own diet food depot, where you can pick up diet food for weight reduction or various illnesses such as diseases of the heart, the kidney, or the liver. You can also buy junior or senior pet foods for dogs and cats.
  • Dentistry and prophylaxis for dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, rats, and guinea pigs.
  • Avian medicine: sex determination in birds using feathers, eggshells, or blood; molecular genetic testing for common diseases, including Psittacosis, PBFD, etc.; clipping of nails and beak with a Dremel.
  • Behavioral counseling for dogs in cooperation with Heideldog: e.g. aggression problems in dogs, excretory problems, dominance behavior, drug treatment of behavioral problems, difficulty of acclimatization with partner animals, etc.
  • Physiotherapy for dogs: underwater training after surgery or injury is possible for small dogs.

Further services:

Our wide range of services goes from general medicine to internal medicine and endocrinology, surgery, ophthalmology, dermatology, ultrasound examinations with the Logiq P5 by General Electric, pregnancy checks, and ear, nose and throat diseases.
We use modern and pet-friendly technologies (e.g. gas anaesthetic or ice pen for warts) to give your pet the most comfortable treatment possible. We also offer X-ray, pain therapy, laboratory diagnosis and identification (tattoo and microchip implantation). Please contact us if you require any services not listed here and we will be able to help you or forward you to another practice or animal clinic in Heidelberg, Germany.