Typical travel conditions in dogs:

Here we will inform you about various travel sicknesses that can occur in dogs. If you suspect that your dog might be sick, please contact our team directly.

Babesiose Dirofilariose Ehrlichiose Leishmaniose

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Information on Ehrlichiosis

Occurance: Ehrlichiosis is transmitted by ticks. The incubation takes from 8-20 days. Ehrlichiosis occurs in Europe and is especially common in eastern and southern countries.

Pathogens: Ehrlichia (bacteria) infect the white blood cells and damage the immune system. Ehrlichiosis can be detected via a blood test.

Symptoms: In some cases animals show no symptoms. However often these symptoms show: high fever, weakness, joint pain, nausea and vomiting.

What to do? Antibiotics need to be administered to the animal for a timespan of several weeks.

Danger to humans: Probably dog Ehrlichiosis does not affect humans.

Prospects for disease: If Ehrlichiosis is not treated, this can result to a lingering death of the animal by bleeding.